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Management makes the difference

Like you, we are real estate investors. We know first hand that acquiring property in Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Copper, Keystone and Silverthorne can be difficult and expensive. Expert management is required to survive the challenging environment, the ebbs and flows of the rental market, and the transient nature of a resort area.

Property Rental Solutions, Inc. (PRS) was founded in 2009 to better serve our properties, our friends, and our communities. PRS is owned and operated by real estate entrepreneurs who are passionate about properties and people. When it comes to managing your investment, trust people that manage properties, invest in real estate, and cultivate relationships.



We collect and pay rents using automatic withdraw/deposits so that we can pay you faster than any other management company around.
Almost all management companies require a “start up” or “processing fee” just for doing business with them. We’re not one of them.
We like to be upfront with you. We’ll never surprise you with charges for photography, advertising, or anything else.
Vacancies = income lost. A month before a lease expires, we get to work finding qualified tenants.
We have developed relationships with the best contractors the County and as a result they give us discounted prices. We pass these savings on to you. We don’t have maintenance employees; therefore we don’t waste your money in order to keep them employed.
Like you, we own several rental properties. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we developed this business. We wanted to figure out the most efficient and cost effective way to do things. We know firsthand the importance of keeping costs low, quality high and income steady.
We use several methods to attract tenants. We always find tenants in 3-6 weeks. Our application process may be tough, but it works. We find great people for your property.
We expect our tenants to maintain the condition of your home. To make sure that happens, we give them proper training on how to take care of the property, including monthly chores.
We really enjoy our relationships with our tenants, contractors and property owners. We work hard to make sure that everyone involved is getting a good deal.